Frequently asked questions

I want personal assistance with my order, how can you help?

We are here to help you out, please send us a message on our instagram or email us at

I want to place a COD (cash on delivery) order, how do I do that?

Cash On Delivery is available, for that please send us a message on our Instagram or email us COD is available but orders cannot be cancelled, please try and understand it will effect us since will be liable to pay the RTO along with delivery charge , if you cancel the order. We take cod orders in DM so that we can have a one on one talk to customer and it reduces your chances or cancelling the orders and our chance of facing a 150 rupees loss 💖, I hope you understand Cod delivery charge is 98
Prepaid delivery charges is 60

How can I return/replace/get refund.

We DO NOT PROVIDE returns and replacements, but we do provide refunds. To get a refund you must have a video proof of you opening the package from the seal without any cuts, if there is something missing we will refund for that item and if something reaches you broken and you have video proof we will refund you for that